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Tokyo (Japan).- “Let’s show the government that we are determined to say no”, chants the singer and activist, Keiko Ochiai, in front of an audience of 13,000 demonstrators, gathered on Monday in Tokyo, to speak out against the national funeral of Shinzo Abe, former Prime Minister of Japan, shot dead in the middle of the street on July 8 at the age of 67.

Three weeks, the procession has only grown and gatherings are now almost daily. In Shibuya, on Wednesday, it was the religious groups who mobilized: Buddhists, Shintoists or Christians, they demonstrated with one voice. “We believe that these funerals are a political strategy to strengthen the power of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD)experience these 52 representatives of various religious groups. They trample on everyone’s freedom and dignity. » Yasuji Okuda, Shinto priest, adds: “Unlike in the UK, these funerals do not take place, they are done under duress. »

A few days before the funeral, noted on Tuesday, September 27, Japan is in no mood to rehabilitate. The opposition has never been stronger. An online petition has nearly 190,000 signatories.

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