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” A great speech that reminds everyone of their responsibilities”greets on Twitter MP Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (Renaissance), chairman of the European Affairs Committee. “A powerful and committed speech, which does honor to France”, adds his colleague Constance Le Grip. Emmanuel Macron’s supporters did not have words strong enough to say all the good things they thought about his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 20.

Beyond the enthusiasm of his people, the President of the Republic surprised some observers during his recent diplomatic sequence. Admittedly, the “partial mobilization” announcement the next morning by Vladimir Putin then the offensive speech of Joe Biden, the American president, against a Russia which he accused of wanting “annihilate Ukraine’s right to exist”somewhat overshadowed the activity of the French delegation.

Notwithstanding the tough international competition, the head of state nevertheless managed to make himself heard on Tuesday, at the UN podium. “The risk we face today is that of a new partition of the world”launched Emmanuel Macron, denouncing a “return to the age of imperialisms and colonies” which he attributes to ” hegemony “ and to “political oligarchy” Russians.

Emmanuel Macron during his speech before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 20, 2022. © Photo Ludovic Marin / AFP

During a 28-minute speech, the head of state scolded the countries – mainly African and Asian – which maintain a form of neutrality in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “Who would like to mimic the fight of the non-aligned by refusing to express themselves clearly is mistaken and takes a historic responsibilityhe said. Those who are silent today serve despite themselves or secretly with a certain complicity the cause of a new imperialism […] that is disintegrating our international order. »

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