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Stretcher firefighters, police sirens… On May 21, 2018, Ghislain Lafosse saw his life flash before his eyes. This 33-year-old valve mechanic has just suffered a serious accident at work in the workshop of the company Clemessy Services, a subsidiary of the Eiffage group, in Irigny, very close to Lyon (Rhône).

He had to repair the lid of a valve in order to preserve its tightness. But as he lifted this 138-kilo piece to a height of one meter using an electromagnet, it broke away, falling on his right ankle.

“When you get almost 140 kilos on your leg falling from a meter high, that’s a ton with gravity”, details the former employee. Which points to the responsibility of the company, which specializes in industrial machinery and its maintenance: “They sent me to do this maneuver when I was not trained, my bridge operator clearance [personne habilitée à utiliser un pont roulant, l’engin de levage utilisé – ndlr] was expired. The officials were informed, I had not been able to go to the new training because I was on sick leave at that time. »

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